Our History

Applying The Word Ministry started as a Radio Broadcast in February of 1992 and aired in La Grange, Georgia on Radio Station WMXY.  In 1994, Pastor McFarlin started Broadcasting at KKNO in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Later, the ministry aired on WSHO 800AM in New Orleans.

In 1999, Applying The Word Ministry was established as a Church.  Pastor Arthur McFarlin was installed as the Pastor of Applying The Word on June 21, 1999.  The Church started with very few members and continued to grow at a slow and steady pace.

In October, 2003, Applying The Word was donated 1.3 acres of land to build a new location by Pastor and Minister Patricia McFarlin.  The members by faith gave willingly and the financial stability allowed a loan to be granted to this small church in 2005.  Therefore, in 2005, the church started building and in August 2005 Hurricane Katrina destroyed and halted the project.  The members moved to various cities in Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana.

After Hurricane Katrina, Pastor and Minister McFarlin relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While in Baton Rouge, they assisted their former Pastor, Bishop Robert C. Blakes Sr., in establishing a new church in Baton Rouge for the many dislocated people from New Orleans. Bishop Blakes desire was expand the kingdom of God and appreciated the assistance provided.  They served as teachers, leaders, and supporters of the New Home Family Worship Center.

In November 2006, Pastor McFarlin heard the voice of God directing him to relocate to LaGrange, Georgia and begin a work for him.  Several months passed where Pastor McFarlin visited various churches, evangelized, sought a job, and a home.  In April, 2007, the Lord blessed him with a job in Atlanta, Georgia and a Bible Study was started May 16, 2007 at the AmeriHost Inn in LaGrange, Georgia.  Minister Patricia traveled between Baton Rouge, Atlanta, and LaGrange during this period of transition providing both assistance and support to the work of the ministry and retiring from the Louisiana Public School System. 

In September, 2007, Applying The Word, was blessed with a building at 838A New Franklin Road and continued their weekly Bible Study classes at the new location.  In November, 2007, Pastor and Co-Pastor McFarlin officially moved from Baton Rouge to LaGrange, Georgia.  On Sunday, January 20, 2008, Applying The Word Church started a Sunday Morning Worship Service and Sunday School.

In July, 2009 Pastor McFarlin started to broadcast each Sunday Morning at 9:30am on WTRP 620AM Radio Station until 2016.

In November, 2009, Applying The Word launched an Outreach Ministry in Amberwoods Apartments.  Each Monday, at 6pm a Bible Study is conducted for the residence and friends of Amberwoods.  Once a month they showed a Christian based movie to the residents of Amberwoods.

On November 7, 2010, The Sunday School Teacher, which is an outreach of Applying the Word Ministry, aired on WTRP 620AM Radio Station each Sunday morning at 8:30am with Co-Pastor Pat McFarlin.  Co-Pastor reviews the Sunday School lesson and encourages participation in Sunday School.  This ministry’s desire is to get people to study the Word of God and make a total commitment to follow Jesus Christ.

In September, 2010 Pastor McFarlin started airing Touched By The Word Radio Broadcast each Wednesday at 8:30pm on WBRQ 91.9FM Radio Station.  This is an outreach ministry of Applying the Word.

On June 17, 2011, Applying The Word started broadcasting daily announcements on WBRQ Radio Station (FM 91.9).  This allowed the schedule of services and all upcoming events to be announced on a regular and daily basis..

On April 4, 2012, Touched by the Word, another  outreach ministry of Applying The Word, started airing on WBRQ each Wednesday at 8:30pm.  Pastor’s vision is to continue sharing the word of God through the airways.

The Sunday School Teacher was being listened to and request were being made for a time that would allow others to tune in.  Therefore, Pastor McFarlin  arranged for The Sunday School Teacher to air on June 2, 2012  on WBRQ Radio Station (91.9 FM). The Sunday School Teacher broadcasts each Saturday morning at 8:30am with Co-Pastor Pat McFarlin reviewing the lesson for Sunday.

During August, 2013, Pastor and Co Pastor McFarlin officially launched the website for Applying The Word.  This website allows people nationally and internationally to tune in to the radio broadcast of Applying The Word. 

In August, 2014 Pastor Arthur McFarlin and the Applying The Word Ministry became a  member of the Family of Churches Fellowship International.  Bishop Robert C. Blakes is the Presiding Bishop and the Second Presiding Bishop is Bishop Samuel Blakes.  The headquarters is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

On October 19, 2014 The Sunday School Teacher aired for several months on KKNO at 12:00EST in New Orleans, Louisiana.

On November 2, 2014 Applying The Word Ministries and the Sunday School Teacher aired for several months on WDWZ (89.3) in Andalusia, Alabama.

On March 25, 2016, Pastor McFarlin moved the outreach from Amberwoods to Twin Fountains Nursing Home.  He meets each Tuesday at 10am and provides Bible Study for the patients and serves communion monthly.

Applying the Word Ministry started to air in September, 2016 on the following stations: WLWE 94.7FM and 1360AM with Pastor McFarlin (Touched By The Word) at 8:30am (CST) and WLAG 1240AM and 96.9FM with Co-Pastor Pat McFarlin (Sunday School Teacher) at 9:00am.

This year,  June, 2017, Applying The Word has launched  a  new and updated Website.

Yes, when God directs, man must move!
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