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Job 22:28
Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee:  and the light shall shine upon thy ways.Pastor Arthur J. McFarlin Jr. has been called “a man of faith”, “a teacher of the Word”, and “a man with a vision”.

Arthur J. McFarlin is the Pastor and Founder of Applying The Word Ministry. He is married to Co-Pastor Patricia McFarlin.  He is the son of James and Charlie Bell McFarlin of LaGrange, Georgia.  He is the proud Father of two lovely daughters, Audra (San Antonio, Texas) and DeeAnn Bohannon (Houston, Texas).  He has one son-in-law, Demarcus Bohannon.  He has three brothers:  Charles Edward McFarlin, John Paul McFarlin, and Toney Lavance McFarlin.

Arthur McFarlin started working in New Orleans, LA as a Scaffold Builder in 1985 and later became a supervisor.  He was trained and certified in the field of Safety and worked as an inspector, Safety Technician, Safety Supervisor, and served as a Site Manager for Safety with Kellogg, Brown, and Root Inc, from 1993 to July, 2005.  In September, 2005 he worked in Plaquemine Parish (Hurricane Recovery) as a Health, Safety, and Environmental Assessor.   In 2007, he served as a Safety and Health Coordinator for UGL-UNICCO at Clark Atlanta University.

Arthur McFarlin joined the New Home Ministry in October of 1985 under Prophet Robert C. Blakes Sr.  He grew in the Word and later taught Sunday School.  In November of 1986, he was united in marriage to Minister Patricia Leger McFarlin.  In December of 1988, he and his wife moved to the East Location under the leadership of Robert C. Blakes Jr.  He served as a Deacon and a Sunday School teacher.  In January of 1991, God called Pastor McFarlin to preach the Gospel.

In February of 1992, Minister McFarlin started the “Applying The Word Radio Ministry” which aired first in LaGrange, Georgia (WMXY 720am).  In September of 1994 Minister McFarlin started broadcasting with KKNO in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Later, he aired each Saturday morning at 10:30am on WSHO 800AM in the New Orleans area.

In January of 1995, Pastor McFarlin served as the Assistant Pastor of the Body of Christ Temple (New Orleans, LA) under the leadership of Pastor Johnny Williams.  He worked with the Men’s Ministry and the Church on Wheels Ministry.  He organized a sign ministry and organized seminars teaching the Word of God.  Pastor McFarlin was ordained June 11, 1995 by the Faith In Action Evangelistic Team.

In February of 1996, Pastor McFarlin and his wife returned to the New Home East Location and worked under Pastor Robert C. Blakes Jr.  He was appointed to work with the Men’s Ministry.  He continued steadfastly in the Word of God.   In January of 1998, Pastor McFarlin and his wife were ordained by Prophet Robert C. Blakes Sr. as the first husband and wife team in the New Home Full Gospel Baptist Association.
In 1999, God called Arthur J. McFarlin to pastor Applying The Word Ministry.  Yes, a Pastor with a vision.  Under his leadership, he and his wife donated a parcel of land (1.3 acres) to the church. In 2004, the Church started building, The Word Christian Center.  However, the project was halted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and members left the New Orleans area.

After the Hurricane, this man of Faith was lead to seek out his former Pastor, Prophet Robert C. Blakes Sr., who had started another church the year before the Hurricane in Baton Rouge, LA.  Pastor McFarlin went to work under Prophet Blakes, while waiting on the direction from God.  Later, Pastor Samuel Blakes was appointed Pastor and Pastor McFarlin continued his work with the ministry.  He worked with the Men’s Ministry, the School of Ministry, Sunday School, and Outreach Ministries (Nursing Home, Street Evangelism,  and actively ministered in Hospitals.

After hearing from God, in 2006, Pastor McFarlin was directed to move to LaGrange, GA.  Yes, he moved Applying The Word Ministry to LaGrange, GA.  Pastor started airing on two radio stations: WTRP 620AM (July, 2009) and WBRQ 91.9FM (September, 2010).  Pastor taught the Word of God weekly.  He moved from WTRP to WLWE 94.7FM each Sunday Morning at 8:30am (CST).

On December 31, 2008, Pastor McFarlin experienced a C-1 Fracture to his neck on his way to preach a New Year’s Eve Service.  The ministry continued with CoPastor Pat McFarlin.  But, this man of faith continued to declare the healing power of God.  In spite of what the Doctors said, he continued to declare that God is a Healer.  Thank you Jesus, God has and is still healing our Pastor today and he is sharing his testimony everywhere he goes.

Later in 2009, Pastor McFarlin started an Outreach Ministry in the Amberwoods Apartments (residential setting for Senior Citizens).  He and Co-Pastor McFarlin would teach a weekly Bible Study and show a Christian movie each month.

In 2016, God lead Pastor McFarlin from Amberwoods to Twin Fountains Nursing Home.  He started his first worship service on, March 25, 2016 and has continued teaching  Bible Study each Tuesday at 10am.

In September, 2016, Pastor McFarlin started to air on WLWE 94.7 and 1360AM each Sunday at  8:30am (CST).  He ministers the Word of God weekly.

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