Spiritual Covering

The Family of Churches Fellowship is a response to a common cry from the hearts of five-fold ministry leaders around the world who are existing without the covering of true spiritual fathers or the bond of spiritual brothers. The Gospel Ministry was never intended to be pursued without fatherhood and brotherhood. Jesus Christ himself established the model when he sent the disciples out two by two. Fellowship and relationship are fundamental to the healthy advancement of the kingdom of God.

Click the image above or visit http://www.focfi.org/focfi for more information on the Family of Churches Fellowship International.

Though FOCFI was established in the year 2014, it was conceived long before. I remember a conversation that I had with my father, Bishop Robert Blakes, Sr. who informed me of a dream he had. He and I were climbing up a mountain and we got to a place where he could no longer continue. I vigorously encouraged him to carry on but he could not. He then waved me on and said "go on to the top". Bishop Blakes, Sr. Spoke of a day when sons and daughters, brothers and sisters would convene from around the world to come under the prophetic covering of the anointing that was upon his life. He spoke of a fellowship of churches.

I honestly thought that the mandate for the fellowship was relaxed when my father went home to be with God. To my surprise, it only intensified. As a consequence many brothers and sister began reaching out to my brother and I, communicating a leading of God to connect with the anointing that is upon our ministry. Finally, I realized that God was speaking and I said “yes”.  FOCFI is now a reality.  We have churches from around the United States and in other foreign countries. 

Our agenda is clear, we exist to connect spiritual fathers with sons and daughters and we bring brothers and sisters together under an umbrella of mutual support. 

We are driven by no other motivation but to facilitate kingdom relationships and to edify laborers of the Gospel with the support of others like themselves. We are not a reformation or a new denomination. One does not have to break ties with any Christian convention, association or fellowship to be a part of FOCFI. We don't compete with other Christian organizations we complement and support.

If you are a fivefold ministry leader and searching for a fellowship that feels like family and functions like family, FOCFI may be the place for you; because, at FOCFI, WE ARE FAMILY and everybody is somebody.
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